Observations of GSC 1874:399 in Auriga


Variabilty of the GSC 1874:399 in Auriga was discovered in 2004by J. Robertson (Arkansas Tech University)


The following observation have been performed at the request of J. Robertson.


Coordinates (2000.0)

RA 5h 48m 04s

DE 28o 30'48"


Observation dates

JD 2453 706 (2005-12-01)

JD 2453 716 (2005-12-11)

JD 2453 733 (2005-12-28)

JD 2453 741 (2006-01-05)

JD 2453 742 (2006-01-06)

JD 2453 759 (2006-01-23)

JD 2453 760 (2006-01-24)


Observation instruments

Meade 8"LX200GPS f/10 telescope

SBIG ST-7xMEI CCD camera

Unfiltered exposures


Phase diagram




Orbital period

An orbital period of 0.250833d  0.000046 (6h 1m 12s  4s) has been calculated using ANOVA method of Peranso program (www.peranso.com).


Time of minimum

Based on observation of 2006 01 24

Used method : Kwee-van Woerden as implemented in Peranso.

Time heliocentric correction has been applied on dataset.

JD = 2453760.335794 +/- 0.000219d (+/-19sec)




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